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Conrad Thompson

Fax: 256-261-7871
Email: conrad@1fmc.com

1st Family Mortgage
900-A Merchants Walk SW
Huntsville, AL. 35801

Conrad Thompson

“Hey hey it’s Conrad Thompson with 1st Family Mortgage” is probably something you’ve heard on your radio or TV at some point over the last 10 years. Yep, the guy on the radio is real and Conrad founded 1st Family in January 2006.

He’s been a Mortgage Advisor since August 2001 and he never left Memorial Parkway, helping families in the Tennessee Valley ever since. He got his family in the mortgage business too. He recruited his mom, dad, sister, uncle, and cousin into the business which makes the name “1st Family Mortgage” seem pretty fitting.

Conrad frequently raises money for the American Cancer Society and even won LLS’s “Man of the Year” Award in 2016 for his fundraising efforts. In his free time Conrad enjoys podcasting and spending time with his family.

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