Greenlight Underwrite

Want to Guarantee a Stress Free Closing?

Hassle Free Underwriting in 3 EASY Steps!

Step 1

Mortgage Advisor will collect and submit these items to underwriting

  • Income Documentation
  • Asset Statements
  • Credit Report

Step 2

Buyer and Agent will receive an Underwriting Approval pending Sales Contract

Step 3

Agent uploads Sales Contract to receive Greenlight Underwrite

Green Light Underwrite Know Before you Go

Better than a Pre-Approval

Better than a Pre Approval

Haven’t we all heard about a “nightmare” experience in closing a home loan? Want to eliminate those “last minute surprises” and problems with underwriting once and for all with our exclusive program Greenlight Underwrite!

“Greenlight Underwrite” helps you eliminate the worry, wonder, and wait for your next home loan!

Most banks and mortgage companies wait weeks before underwriting your loan. That wait is what causes all of the undue stress that seemingly always comes at the “11th hour.”

Greenlight Underwrite allows you to be completely underwritten before you ever even go shopping for your next home!

You’ll meet with a Mortgage Advisor to discover your ideal monthly payment and down payment. The Mortgage Advisor will collect your personal financial documentation including:

• Your Tax Returns          • Paycheck Stubs          • Bank Statements

Your loan will then be submitted to underwriting. In as little as two business days your income, assets, and credit could be completely approved! Now the fun part: go find your next home!

You’ll get to negotiate almost like a cash buyer!

Perhaps best of all, we’re in a “seller’s market” these days where many homes are receiving multiple offers within the first few days they’re listed for sale. You could gain incredible leverage by submitting an offer with a quicker closing date!

With as little as one year on the job, a W2 employee with just a 620 credit score may receive 1st Family Mortgage’s exclusive Greenlight Underwrite.

Don’t Play Guessing Games with your Future

Know Before You Go!