Brian Ivey

When rates dipped low, I decided it was time to start looking for a house. By mistake, I called a finance company other than 1FMC to get the ball rolling for a pre-approval. This other finance company would take days to return my calls which made me believe if they will not help me on a pre-approval, then they sure will not help when I actually have a loan.

I kept hearing ads on various radio stations for 1FMC so I decided to give them a call. Within a very short time, I received a call from 1st Family. They were extremely friendly and helpful, just the opposite of my first loan attempt. I spoke briefly with 1st Family explaining the purpose of the needed loan and she went to work. 1st Family kept me informed throughout the entire process at what was going on and what I needed to do. With the help of 1st Family, this was a very painless process.

From my experience, don’t waste your time calling other finance companies. Call 1FMC now!