1FMC 7-Year Guarantee

If Rates Drop, You’re Covered!

Whatever the reason… You’re Covered!

Get the Peace of Mind You DESERVE!

1FMC.com’s exclusive program the “7 Year Guarantee” eliminates the risk of waiting for “perfect rates” and overpaying thousands in the meantime! If rates drop within seven years of closing your loan, 1FMC.com will refinance you again without an appraisal fee or any lender fees!

Doesn’t it make sense to save as much money as possible right now?

The “7 Year Guarantee” insures you don’t waste money on a second set of unnecessary closing costs should rates drop at any time during the next seven years!

1FMC.com also honors this guarantee should your needs ever change, for ANY reason!

  • Need a lower payment to help your children with their college tuition? You’re covered!
  • Family changes cause you to need some cash? You’re covered!
  • Need cash to remodel? You’re covered!
  • Want to reduce your term to pay your home off faster? You’re covered!
1FMC 7 Year Guarantee

Waiting will cost you money!

Give yourself peace of mind knowing you have the best deal possible today and you won’t waste money later!

Don’t Wait For Falling Rates!

Find out how much the “7 Year Guarantee” can save you in just a few clicks!